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HayPhoto 2

HayPhoto 2 is a powerful, beautiful and easy-to-use photo editor for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It features a collection of desktop-class, non-destructive photo editing tools, powerful editing brushes, support for RAW images and more. In other words it's the best way to edit your photos.



Magic Keyboard and Trackpad Support

HayPhoto 2 version 1.4 brings full support for Magic Keyboard and click-anywhere trackpad, enabling new ways to edit and enjoy your photos. HayPhoto 2, also supports keyboard shortcuts for quickly opening tools, rotating photos and opening and saving photos, all without having to touch the display. The brushing experience has also been enhanced. Now, you can paint using the trackpad and the cursor will change the size on the display to match the brush size that you are painting with.


Drag and Drop

With drag and drop importing and exporting full resolution photos is really easy. Simply drag a photo out of the photo strip and into another app and HayPhoto instantly exports the photo in full resolution. The same works for importing, simply drag a photo from anywhere - a website, a camera connected via USB-C, the files app or the built-in photos app - into the photo strip and HayPhoto automatically imports it. And, for the first time, you can import and export multiple photos at once.

Desktop-class, nondestructive tools for fine-tuning your photos.

HayPhoto 2 brings desktop-class editing to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With Curves, Levels, Selective Color, Color Balance, Black and White and White Balance, it lets you edit the colors of your photos in any way you want. Since everything is non-destructive, you can always come back and re-edit anytime you want.
Curves. One of the most important tools in image editing, allowing you to make precise color and contrast adjustments in your photos.
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SelectiveColor 2.jpg
Selective ColorEasily adjust color ranges in your photos, like the reds, blues, yellows or greens, without effecting other colors.
Levels. Quickly enhance the most important aspects of a photo, like brightness, contrast and colors, all in one place.
Levels 2.png
And so many more. HayPhoto 2 comes with over 33 unique photo editing tools, each designed and built to make every aspect of your photo picture-perfect.

Apply beautiful, custom-designed effects.

HayPhoto 2 adds beautiful, custom designed effects such as: Light Leak, Ink, Cinematic Tones, Color Tones, Duotone and more. Applying them is a snap with easy-to-use, precise controls.
Light LeakEasily give your photos a sunny, vintage, old-looking feel. Slide the hue and saturation sliders to make the effect look just the way you want it.
Tilt-Shift. Add a beautiful bokeh to your photos. Fine-tune it with easy-to-use and precise control.

Paint your adjustments with brushes.

HayPhoto 2 supports eight quick brushes that allow you to paint adjustments right where you need them in your photos. Additionally, you can turn four more adjustments into brushes. Just like everything else in HayPhoto 2, brushes are non-destructive, so you can always come back and repaint.
Tap the brush icon and start painting.
Tap the "Show Strokes" button to see your brush strokes.
Tap the "Invert Strokes" button to invert your brush strokes. This is useful when you want to highlight an object.

Easily import and edit RAW images.

You can import and edit RAW images on iPhone and iPad with an A9 chip or newer. 
Easily import and edit RAW images with HayPhoto 2. The RAW Edit tools takes advantage of the extended range data in your photos, so you can recover, what is seems like, lost details in your photos, make color adjustments and enhance definition with incredible accuracy.
RAW Support. HayPhoto 2 supports RAW images from over 500 different cameras.

Available now on the App Store

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