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HayPhoto 2 With Magic Keyboard and Trackpad Support for iOS and iPadOS Out Now

Today, we are releasing HayPhoto 2 version 1.4 for iOS and iPadOS. We are adding support for the Magic Keyboard, trackpad and mouse, drag and drop and many user interface enhancements, enabling users more ways to edit, enjoy and share their photographs.

"We are excited to announce the brand new version of HayPhoto 2 for iOS and iPadOS with keyboard and trackpad support," said Mushegh Papyan, the developer of the app. "These new features enable users new ways to edit their photos with powerful, professional editing tools in completely new settings such as on a desk, connected to a keyboard and a trackpad or a mouse."

Keyboard and Trackpad Support (Requires iPadOS 13.4)

HayPhoto 2 now supports keyboard shortcuts for quickly opening tools, rotating photos and opening and saving photos, all without having to touch the display. The brushing experience has also been enhanced. Now, users can paint using the trackpad and the cursor will change the size on the display to match the brush size that the user is painting with.

Drag and Drop

HayPhoto 2 now supports drag and drop on the iPad. To import a photo and start editing, users can now drag into the photo strip and HayPhoto will automatically import it into its database. To export a photo in its full resolution, users can drag the thumbnail out of the photo strip into the destination app. With drag and drop, HayPhoto can import and export multiple photos at once.

Projects Browsing

The project manager has been completely revamped, allowing users to swipe through their photos. The photo strip can be hidden, so that images take up the entire space available.

HayPhoto 2 is available now on the App Store and the Mac App Store:

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