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HayPhoto 2 for Mac now available on the Mac App Store

Today, we are launching HayPhoto 2 for Mac, available now on the Mac App Store.

The new modern interface of HayPhoto 2 for Mac has been created exclusively for working with images on large displays. Its streamlined, macOS-inspired design provides a native Mac app experience and is fully consistent with the look and feel of macOS. The new, user-centered workflow design makes the professional editing tools in HayPhoto 2 for Mac incredibly intuitive and accessible, even to first-time users.

Nondestructive tools give users the freedom and flexibility to go back to modify or delete individual changes at any point in the editing workflow. Brushes have also been rearchitected with a more focus on speed and flexibility, giving Mac users more control over the brush size, softness and opacity.

Designed exclusively for the Apple devices, HayPhoto 2 for Mac uses the Mac graphics processor with the latest Apple graphics technologies, such as Metal 3, Core Image and Core Graphics to deliver fast, GPU-powered image editing. HayPhoto 2 for Mac is a next-generation app, built with Swift 5, that takes full advantage of the latest technological innovations in hardware and software.

HayPhoto 2 is available as a universal purchase on iOS, iPadOS and now macOS, via the App Store and the Mac App Store.


Learn more about HayPhoto 2 for Mac:

Download HayPhoto 2 for Mac from the Mac App Store:


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