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HayPhoto 2

Where your photos come to life.
Introducing HayPhoto 2 with a brand new user interface, new tools and so much more. HayPhoto 2 completely changes the way you edit photos. You don’t need to be a professional or watch hours of tutorials on the web to know how it works.

Available Now For Free On the App Store

Black and White

Add some drama by cutting the color out. Fine tune the intensity, tone and optionally add some grain for a truly cinematic feel.

Crop & Straighten

Crop your image freely or choose one of the presets. Straighten your photo with a simple, easy to use wheel.


Add a beautiful bokeh to your images. Ideal for portrait photos.


Precise control over the brightness levels in your photos, supports rgb, red, green and blue channels

Selective Color

Adjust each color separately by adjusting its hue, saturation and luminosity at a selected range

Double Exposure

 Blend two images, choosing from blend modes used when shooting in film and digital.


Add a stylized or plain text to your photos


Adjust colors and tones in your photos


Easily adjust the overall color, the skies or the greenery in your photos.

Other Tools and Features

White Balance


Color Balance

Adjust temperature and tint in your photos. 

Add a soft darkness around the corners of your photos.

Adjust the reds, greens and blues in your photos 




Add a beautiful glow to your photos. Perfect for portrait or fashion images.

Create a stunning effect by creating the look of multiple exposures.

With a single drag highlight a single color and desaturate others. Fine tune later with simple controls.




Bring out details in your photos

Increase the tonal range of a grayscale image.

Add a beautiful effect, that makes your photos look like, hand-drawn.

Camera Filters

Light Leak

Cinematic Tones

Add a beautiful filter, used when shooting in digital.

Add a beautiful light leak overlay and later adjust the hue and the strength.

Change the color tones in your photos, to match the tone you see in a Hollywood movie.

Color Tones

Skin Smoothing

Intensify Contrast

Choose from beautiful, hand picked presets of color tones and the change the tone and add some drama to your photos.

Smooths skin, while retaining texture. Perfect for portraits and close ups.

Change the color tones in your photos, to match the tone you see in a Hollywood movie.




Quickly saturate or desaturate parts of your photos.

Sharpen the areas that appear soft.

Soften areas in your photos. The brush also works wonders on wrinkles.


Non-Destructive Edits

Save and Manage Projects

Deepen colors in a specific area of an image by darkening the shadows and midtones without affecting the black and white points. 

All of the adjustments you make in HayPhoto 2 are non-destructive, so with a tap you can re-edit or remove, without damaging your original photo.

When you open a photo, HayPhoto 2 automatically creates and stores a project, with all of your edits and adjustments. You can come back and re-edit at anytime.