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HayPhoto 2 for Mac

HayPhoto 2 - Editing #2.heic

HayPhoto 2 for Mac is a powerful, beautiful and easy-to-use photo editor designed for the Mac. It features a collection of powerful, non-destructive photo editing tools, precise and powerful editing brushes, support for RAW images and more. In other words it's the best way to edit your photos.

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Non-destructive tools for fine-tuning your photos.

Create standout photos with an arsenal of powerful, easy-to-use, nondestructive image editing tools. HayPhoto for Mac features a reimagined user interface and an entirely new editing workflow, providing a native Mac experience and is fully consistent with the look and feel of macOS. The persistent sidebar provides full access to your tools and the histogram always remains on top to provide a quick snapshot of all the colors and tones in your image. You can easily add, remove and edit adjustments without needing to switch modes. 

Easily import and edit RAW images.

Easily import and edit RAW images with HayPhoto 2. The RAW Edit tools takes advantage of the extended range data in your photos, so you can recover, what is seems like, lost details in your photos, make color adjustments and enhance definition with incredible accuracy. You don't need to worry about image formats or how to import, simply import an image and start editing. It's that simple.

Nondestructive brushes let you selectively apply powerful adjustments to photos.

Brushes let you paint in a wide range of effects to selectively fine-tune your photos. With precise control of the size, softness, and opacity of each brush, you can adjust only the parts of the image you want, leaving the rest untouched. For example, you can lighten a face in a shadow, leaving the rest of the image untouched. Never before have so many special effect options been so easy to use. Smooth skin, change the color of the sky, blur the background, sharpen lines, intensify colors, and more. No matter how much you change an image, you can always go back to the original.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 16.06.12.png

Quick Brushes. HayPhoto 2 for Mac also comes with quick brushes, that handle some of the most common touch-up jobs. Smooth imperfections in skin, soften wrinkles, reduce saturation, or sharpen detail. All Quick Brushes are easily accessible from the tool picker.

HayPhoto 2 - Face Retouching.heic
Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 11.29.51.png

Precise Brush Control

Control brush size, softness, and opacity while you lighten and darken or apply effects such as soften, skin smoothing, and polarization.

Easily Perfect Composition in Your Photos

Using the Crop tool in HayPhoto 2, you can easily improve the composition and framing of your photos. Choose from a number of hand picked presets with a click. And, don’t worry if your photos are not straight when you shot them, you can use the straighten tool to fix that.

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The Perfect Duo

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